April 2020

10 MIN

King's Day

In 2020, King's Day will be a special day for Maastricht and its colorful region. The Limburg capital is in fact the special backdrop for this national holiday. The city that the Royal Family will visit and that 2.5 million television viewers will watch on King's Day. Of course we are going to make a beautiful party for residents and visitors. Rejoicing and preparing for this day is already a party in itself!

July 2020

10 MIN

André Rieu

When you think of André Rieu you think about: Maastricht, the Vrijthof, conviviality, the real Burgundian, music and of course the incredibly nice atmosphere that prevails on the summery July evenings. For the employees of Designhotel Maastricht, these are days dedicated to hotel guests from all sorts of countries who are very keen on the performances. In his hometown, “Our André” Rieu transforms the entire Vrijthof into an open-air concert hall, so unforgettable moments that you want to be at.

(Photo: Maastricht Marketing)