30 MIN

Sint Pietersberg & Marl Caves

Perhaps the most well-known activity in Maastricht is a visit to St Pietersberg and the Marl Caves. Yet the locals love it here too, as it is a wonderful place to walk, enjoy the wide-open views or to check out André Rieu's famous castle! At Café Slavante, you can sit on the terrace with a feeling of contentment, unless you want to continue immediately with a guided tour of the mysterious marl caves or the ENCI quarry, of course. 

10 MIN

Het Vrijthof

The gorgeous Vrijthof square is situated in the very heart of Maastricht. During the summer, multiple concerts are given. For the most part of the year you’re free to wander around and admire the views of the surrounding historic buildings. Or just sit down and relax at one of the many terraces and restaurants to be found at the square.