Our hotel is located in the trendy “Wyck” city quarter, where there is always something to do. With nice boutiques, the cinema or the Bonnefantenmuseum around the corner, you'll never get bored. We will gladly help you put together an enjoyable programme!

Events (2)

15 MIN

Magical Maastricht

On the first of December, Magical Maastricht will be back again on Vrijthof square.

There will be a huge skating rink with an 'Almhütte' next to it, where you can warm up with hot chocolate or glühwein!

And on the top of the Ferris wheel you can look out over the whole city and even more....

Or if you're looking for a unique Christmas present, this is the right place for you. 

In short, for the ultimate Christmas experience; come to Magical Maastricht on Vrijthof square!  

10 MIN


For all art and antiques afficionados this event is not to be missed! The European Fine Art Fair in the MECC Maastricht is one of the largest art fairs in Europe. With a mix ranging from high-profile modern contemporary art to well-known works by Old Masters. With 275 galleries, there is plenty to see. The rest of the city is also dominated by the various expressions of art, such as theatre and music productions and beautiful dance performances. 

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TEFAF 2019

Food & drinks

15 MIN


The water mill that was built in the 11th century is truly hidden in the inner city of Maastricht. Since 2005, the mill has been in use again to grind grains (oats, quinoa and buckwheat.), according to the authentic process. Since then, the mill has also been part of the baker's shop ""De Bisschopsmolen"" where you can not only enjoy a real Limburg flan or a fresh spelt bread, but you can also get a guided tour. According to the Maastricht locals, this is where you can eat the best cherry flan. We would say: go give it a try! 

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15 MIN

Onze Lieve Vrouweplein

Whereas the Vrijthof is more often a bit more touristic, Onze Lieve Vrouweplein is the place where the “Mestreechtenere” get together. The square is surrounded by several small bars and restaurants where something to suit everyone can be found. In summer, the whole square is filled with terraces and you get a taste of the genuine Burgundian atmosphere. Both the staff of Designhotel Maastricht and our guests like having a look at this square. 


23 MIN

Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial

The Netherlands American Cemetery Margraten is an American military cemetery and memorial to the deceased soldiers of the United States at the time of the struggle in South Limburg, the Bulge and in the Ruhr region, during World War II.

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Outside activities

30 MIN

Sint Pietersberg

During the hot summer weekends, one of our colleagues from the Designhotel Maastricht enjoys taking his grandchildren to the St.

Pietersberg. It is a splendid spot to go strolling together, enjoy the view over Maastricht or to have a look at the famous castle of André Rieu! At Café Slavante you can sit on the terrace satisfied after a delightful walk through the nature reserve. You can, of course, extend your visit to the St. Pietersberg with a guided tour of the caves or the ENCI quarry. 

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10 MIN

Het Vrijthof

The Vrijthof, also at times called the heart of Maastricht. With a beautiful view of the Sint-Servaas and other monumental buildings such as the Kanunnikenhuis, the Spaans Gouvernement and the Hoofdwacht. In addition, you will find lots of convivial terraces around the square, each with its own specialties. Only since the 19th century has this been a popular spot, so that it became an environment where the wealthy bourgeoisie loved to stroll. It is still a place for seeing and being seen. 

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10 MIN


Maastricht Stadspark (City Park) is one of the three oldest parks in the Netherlands. The Designhotel Maastricht colleagues like to come here for a walk, a game of football or just to pleasantly lie in the grass enjoying the sunshine. You can have a romantic picnic here alongside the Meuse river, do a bit of running or just enjoy the park in peace and quiet. In addition, the old city wall runs right through the park, yet again making it a real piece of history. 

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MECC Maastricht

MECC is a conference and exhibitions center in the Dutch city of Maastricht, where congresses, fairs and cultural or sporting events take place.

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15 MIN

Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek

Our 'slevrouwe' (Lieve Vrouwebasiliek) is built on what is probably the oldest Christian church in the Netherlands. This church has had all sorts of functions, such as a bishop's church, a chapter church, but also a military forge and horse stable. At the present time, you can find several works of art in the church, two of which are by Jan van Steffeswert, a real resident of Maastricht. After your visit you can immediately enjoy a drink at one of the many small bars or, in summertime, sit in the sunshine on the square in front of the church. 

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