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Mildred about her favourite spots in Maastricht

Mildred has lived in Maastricht for a really long time and is still as happy as ever when she walks through Wyck. She loves the Burgundian life and knows where to find the best places in Maastricht!

Dominicanen bookshop

We can confidently say that this is the most beautiful bookshop in the country, and Mildred agrees: 'Bookstore Dominicanen is a place you must have seen, whether you like books or not. I myself am a big fan of authentic shops, non-chains so to speak. Meaning nice little bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants and of course the Dominican Book Store! If I want to buy a book myself, I always go to the Dominican Bookstore, because I find it much more of an experience. Another bonus is that the Dominican Church is not only home to the bookstore, but also to my favourite coffee shop: Coffeelovers. You can really drink the best cappuccino there and their to-go cups are also a very stylish attribute here in Maastricht!' 

Hermans Bakery

Limburg, and particularly Maastricht, is of course known for its delicious pies (vlaaien) and many bakeries. Mildred has a clear favourite: 'Hermans Bakery is really my go-to bakery and a well-known name in Maastricht. Every weekend, my husband or I go and get fresh bread at Bakkerij Hermans. Usually there's a whole queue of people waiting at the door for them to open. That always reminds me of when you're in France, waiting in front of the bakery for a fresh breakfast croissant. I can really enjoy that and the bread and pies are really incredibly tasty.'

Café Sjiek

Mildred doesn't have to think long about a favourite restaurant, which is undoubtedly Café Sjiek. 'In the Netherlands, the word 'sjiek' is used to mean fancy and elegant, but in Maastricht it's used for lots of things, like cosy or fun. That's really what Café Sjiek is, cosy and informal. It used to be a very small restaurant with a bar in the middle. They didn't take reservations and so there was sometimes a whole queue waiting. If there was room, you could sit down, and if you sat at a larger table, there was always a chance that other people would join you. Now they also own the building next door and it has become a bit bigger. It is still very cosy and very well-known, especially among the people of Maastricht. It is an eatery with real local food. My favourite is the "Zoervleis with thick fries", which may sound strange to people who are not from Maastricht, but you really should try it! You have to take your time to eat here, because just like in the old days, they still don't take reservations.'

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'The only mountain in the Netherlands is in Maastricht, so of course it’s on Mildred's list of favourites. "I always find it so special that you are just ten minutes from the city in the middle of nature. I really love long walks and on a day off I like to go and walk by the Sint-Pietersberg. The most beautiful walk, which I can really recommend to everyone, is to walk from the Sint-Pietersberg in the direction of Kanne. During that hike, you'll see all sorts of vineyards and you'll also come across a chateau. The walk is quite long, but if you already walk for an hour or so, you already have a beautiful view over the vineyards. I never get tired of that view!'

Wyck wings

Designhotel Maastricht is located in the nicest neighbourhood of Maastricht, Wyck! 'As I said before, I really like authentic shops and Wyck is full of them. I personally find it much more fun to stroll through Wyck than through the well-known shopping centre. I can really enjoy it when I enter a shop and someone is making and selling his or her products with so much passion. You also have a lot of vintage shops in Wyck, which is perfect if you are into sustainability. There is also a very nice mural in Wyck, the Wiekerwings. Super nice to take a picture there!'